January 2018 Deep Freeze

People misunderstand the terms “climate change” and “global warming” and think that short-term weather conditions are all that need be taken into account to either substantiate or dispel a generally accepted scientific conclusion. It is global warming that is producing climate change! A stray weather event is not in itself, indicative of the proof of climate change. What is undeniably a fact, is that as the greenhouse gas levels in our atmosphere increase, the average global temperatures also increase. Also, as the global average temperature increases, strange and sometimes severe weather events tend to become more prevalent. We have observed this in stronger storms and also in changes in rainfall levels. Climate change can also manifest itself in both higher and lower weather temperatures in given regions. Climate change should be taken very seriously, as there is a tipping point. The planet Venus is in many ways similar to the planet we inhabit, however, its atmosphere is comprised mostly of greenhouse gasses, and the temperature on its surface is hot enough to melt lead. As the greenhouse gas levels on our planet continue to ramp up, it leads to a vicious cycle of hotter average temperatures, producing more greenhouse gas.

As I sit snugly in my home during the Northeast USA deep freeze in January 2018, with a current wind chill at minus 15 degrees Fahrenheit, I would like to share a poem I wrote during a warm spell, late this past September:

A poem on reality by Bob Dukish

As I sit proudly on my backyard deck on a late Saturday September afternoon after successfully completing a long day’s worth of seemingly insurmountable home fix-up projects, I take a sip of my whisky and a puff on a cigar as I begin to type on my computer, but then lean back to view the sky where there happens to be an airliner flying high in the sky, moving swiftly through thin slivers of bits of white clouds that drift overhead. I watch the craft as it interweaves a fleeting contrail through the clouds, and listen to the earthly wildlife sounds of birds and crickets mixing with the sound of my nearby water fountain, I think what a great accomplishment for humankind to have conquered the sky, the earth, and nature. But then a lone chimney swift streaks rapidly high overhead to bring me back to the stark reality of time, space, and date, and I wonder why the swift is still in Northern Ohio late into the month of September, as the days are rapidly beginning to cool? Perhaps the swift’s mission may be as yet unfulfilled, as is mine. I begin to delve deeper into thought, almost touching the realm of unconsciousness (possibly because of the whiskey), and suggest to myself that fulfillment for me on the ground, and possibly for the swift in the sky, is to come to a realization that we are both cogs on wheels which must embrace the universe, and that the universe is what some call, God. Both my and the swift’s chores my be complete for the day, but our ultimate fulfillment will remain incomplete, until we each take our place aboard the wheels of the universal machine.

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