A roll of the dice

As we approach the new year, hopefully things have gone well for you and for those close to you. Even if events haven’t turned out for the best, consider yourself and all of humankind very lucky. After watching the Nova episode broadcast just before the new year over my local PBS station, I feel that we are all indeed very lucky! The program featured scientific proof which explained the cataclysmic event as is shown, in what is called the “KT” core samples gathered worldwide , which describe the reason for the end of the dominant life forces on this planet at that period of time – the dinosaurs. It seems that a 7 mile wide asteroid impacted our planet with the force of 10 billion Hiroshima bombs and punched a hole in the gulf of Mexico 20 miles deep. The crater still exists and is called the Chicxulub Crater located near the Yucatan Peninsula. Just after the impact took place, it is thought that the debris of ash that was kicked up, high into the atmosphere, caused a rapid global cooling event which led to the extinction of nearly 75% of the planet’s life forms. The debris and fossil record in the KT core samples substantiate the case. Thankfully, the catastrophe ended the tremendously long reign of the dinosaurs as this planet’s dominant lifeforms, and allowed our early ancestors to gain a foothold, and as time progressed, to gain dominance of the planet.

The universe is vast, awesome, and random. Due to the immensity of the multitudes of possible habitable planets, there might be other lifeforms similar to us, but it is much more likely that we were a roll of the dice, and at this point in time, may be the most promising lifeforms in all of creation. Lifeforms with the ability to love or hate, to integrate or segregate, to educate or to remain ignorant, to embrace a religious experience or kill for it. I hope that I don’t sound too pessimistic after watching the TV Newscast, after the PBS Nova segment I have commented on, but I am now hoping for another asteroid impact so that something better can replace us.

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